The Royal Rumble is one of the longest match types in the WWE. Regularly going over 1 hour, the match is a highlight of any wrestling fans year. But what is the longest royal rumble? In this article, I look at some of the longest matches, the shortest, as well as fun facts associated with the traditional start on the road to Wrestlemania.

The Longest Royal Rumble

The longest Royal Rumble is the Greatest Royal Rumble which lasted 1 hour, 17 minutes and 20 seconds . Although this match had an unprecedented 50 competitors, so with 20 more competitors than the regular Royal Rumble that isn’t a surprise. The longest 30 man Royal Rumble was the 2023 Royal Rumble which lasted 1 hour, 11 minutes and 41 seconds. In said match Gunther became the longest lasting competitor in any Royal Rumble, who lasted from #1 to be the last eliminated.

The longest female Royal Rumble is Royal Rumble 2019 - Women which lasted 1 hour, 11 minutes and 23 seconds .

The Shortest Royal Rumble

The longest Royal Rumble is the Royal Rumble 1988 which lasted 33 minutes and 24 seconds . Although this match only had 20 competitors, so understandably it was a shortest. The shortest 30 man Royal Rumble was the 1995 Royal Rumble which lasted 38 minutes and 43 seconds. However that match had 60 seconds between entrants. The shortest match with 90 seconds between entrants was 2010 Royal Rumble, which lasted 49 minutes and 25 seconds.

General Royal Rumble Time Facts

Only two 30 matches (the 2023 men’s & 2019 women’s) lasted longer than the 2011 Royal Rumble, which had 40 competitors in the match. Of the 46 Royal Rumble matches as of 2024, 20 of them have lasted over 1 hour (43%). 3 of the 7 Women’s matches have gone over 1 hour (42%). 17 of the 39 men’s matches (43%) have gone over 1 hour. Excluding the 2011, the Greatest Royal Rumble and the 1988 Royal Rumble (that had 20 people), 15 of the 36 men’s matches with 30 people (42%) have gone over 1 hour in length.

Royal Rumbles in order of time

EventLocationMatch Length
Greatest Royal RumbleJeddah, Saudi Arabia1:17:20
Royal Rumble 2023 - MenSan Antonio, Texas1:11:41
Royal Rumble 2019 - WomenPhoenix, Arizona1:11:23
Royal Rumble 2011Boston, Massachusetts1:09:52
Royal Rumble 2002Atlanta, Georgia1:08:59
Royal Rumble 2024 - MenSt. Petersburg, Florida1:08:13
Royal Rumble 1993Sacremento, California1:06:40
Royal Rumble 2018 - MenPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania1:05:29
Royal Rumble 1991Miami, Florida1:05:17
Royal Rumble 1989Houston, Texas1:05:07
Royal Rumble 2024 – WomenSt. Petersburg, Florida1:04:58
Royal Rumble 2017San Antonio, Texas1:02:08
Royal Rumble 1992Troy, New York1:02:03
Royal Rumble 2006Miami, Florida1:02:02
Royal Rumble 2001New Orleans, Louisiana1:01:56
Royal Rumble 2016Orlando, Florida1:01:43
Royal Rumble 2004Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1:01:33
Royal Rumble 2023 - WomenSan Antonio, Texas1:01:08
Royal Rumble 2020 - MenHouston, Texas1:00:16
Royal Rumble 2022 - WomenSt. Louis, Missouri59:42
Royal Rumble 2015Philadelphia, Pennsylvania59:27
Royal Rumble 2018 - WomenPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania59:00
Royal Rumble 2021 - MenSt. Petersburg, Florida58:58
Royal Rumble 1996Fresno, California58:52
Royal Rumble 2021 - WomenSt. Petersburg, Florida58:51
Royal Rumble 1990Orlando, Florida58:45
Royal Rumble 2009Detroit, Michigan58:38
Royal Rumble 2019 - MenPhoenix, Arizona57:30
Royal Rumble 1999Anaheim, California56:39
Royal Rumble 2007San Antonio, Texas56:21
Royal Rumble 1998San Jose, California55:26
Royal Rumble 2014Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania55:08
Royal Rumble 1994Providence, Rhode Island55:07
Royal Rumble 2013Phoenix, Arizona55:06
Royal Rumble 2012St. Louis, Missouri54:55
Royal Rumble 2020 - WomenHouston, Texas54:18
Royal Rumble 2005Fresno, California53:58
Royal Rumble 2003Boston, Massachusetts53:47
Royal Rumble 2000New York, New York51:49
Royal Rumble 2008New York, New York51:31
Royal Rumble 2022 - MenSt. Louis, Missouri51:14
Royal Rumble 1997San Antonio, Texas50:28
Royal Rumble 2010Atlanta, Georgia49:25
Royal Rumble 1995Tampa, Florida38:43
Royal Rumble 1988Hamilton, Canada33:24

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