The 1998 Royal Rumble took place for the third time in California, and saw the christening of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin as the guy. A back to back winner of the Royal Rumble, Austin would eventually be lucky this year and go on to win the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania in a match against Shawn Michaels.

Michaels – however – would not be so lucky at this event. He suffered a debilitating back injury in the night’s main event, taking him out of action for 4 years.

Amongst the other memorable performers were attitude era stalwarts The Rock – who was the Iron Man in the match, and Mick Foley, who entered three times into the match: as Cactus Jack, Mankind & Dude Love.

Promotional poster for Royal Rumble 1998

18th January, 1998

San Jose, California

San Jose Arena


  • Pain! Just A 4 Letter Word.


Notable Records

Record Individual
Winner Steve Austin
Iron Men The Rock (51:31)
Least time in Match Tom Brandi (00:11)
Most Eliminations Steve Austin (7)
Potential Winners (wrestlers in the ring after last entrant) 13 (Steve Austin, The Rock, Faarooq, Dude Love, Mark Henry, Chainz, The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust, Henry O. Godwinn, Vader, Savio Vega, Kama Mustafa, Thrasher, Honky Tonk Man)
Number of debutants 14 (Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie, Tom Brandi, Mosh, 8-Ball, Bradshaw, Steve Blackman, D'Lo Brown, Kurrgan, Ken Shamrock, Thrasher, Mark Henry, Dude Love, Chainz)
Last Rumble Appearances 15 (Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie, Tom Brandi, Phineas I. Godwinn, 8-Ball, Marc Mero, Thrasher, Mankind, Ahmed Johnson, Kama, Henry O. Godwinn, Savio Vega, Dude Love, Chainz, Vader)
Average Time in match14:48
Number of individuals with at least one elimination60%

Did You Know?

  • This is one of only two Royal Rumbles with no previous World Champions in it, the other being the 1988 Royal Rumble.
  • This is the first match to feature weapons in it.
  • This was the second time that recognised tag team partners (Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie) began the match. The first being in 1989 (Ax & Smash of Demolition)
  • This is the third year in a row that The Royal Rumble was not the main event of the show. The main event saw Shawn Michaels defeat The Undertaker in a casket match.
  • This Royal Rumble saw the first elimination by a woman in the match. Chyna assisted Triple H in eliminating Owen Hart.


Number of Entrant Wrestler Name Time in Match Finishing Position Eliminations Eliminated By Other Facts
1 Cactus Jack 09:23 29 1 Chainsaw Charlie
2 Chainsaw Charlie 25:22 25 2 Mankind
3 Tom Brandi 00:11 30 0 Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie
4 The Rock 51:31 2 3 Steve Austin
5 Mosh 13:10 28 0 Kurrgan
6 Phineas I. Godwinn 28:47 18 1 Mark Henry
7 8-Ball 30:45 16 1 Steve Austin
8 Blackjack Bradshaw 35:47 15 1 Dude Love
9 Owen Hart 02:01 21 1 Chyna, Triple H
  • Owen Hart was jumped by Jeff Jarrett in the aisle way.
  • Triple H and Chyna, who weren’t entered into the Rumble, eliminated Owen Hart.
10 Steve Blackman 05:59 27 0 Kurrgan
11 D'Lo Brown 32:22 14 1 Faarooq
12 Kurrgan 03:38 26 2 8-Ball, Blackjack Bradshaw, Ken Shamrock, Phineas I. Godwinn, The Rock
13 Marc Mero 19:38 17 0 Steve Austin
14 Ken Shamrock 09:16 22 1 The Rock
15 Thrasher 28:08 12 0 Steve Austin
16 Mankind 02:39 24 1 The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust

Mick Foley, eliminated as Cactus Jack, re-entered as Mankind.

17 The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust 26:02 7 2 Chainz
18 Jeff Jarrett 01:04 23 0 Owen Hart
19 Honky Tonk Man 19:55 13 0 Vader
20 Ahmed Johnson 03:19 19 0 D'Lo Brown, Mark Henry
21 Mark Henry 19:07 5 2 Faarooq
22 No Entrant 00:00 20 0 No Entrant

Skull of the Disciples of Apocalypse was unable to compete.

23 Kama Mustafa 13:58 11 0 Steve Austin
24 Steve Austin 15:56 1 7 Winner
25 Henry O. Godwinn 11:33 8 0 Dude Love
26 Savio Vega 09:30 10 0 Steve Austin
27 Faarooq 10:03 3 3 The Rock
28 Dude Love 07:54 4 2 Faarooq

Mick Foley, eliminated as Cactus Jack and Mankind, re-entered as Dude Love.

29 Chainz 04:56 6 1 Steve Austin
30 Vader 02:14 9 1 The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust


Entrant Waterfall
Elimination Pie Chart
Time by Number
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Entrant Waterfall

Elimination Pie Chart

Time by Number

Eliminations by Number

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