The first rumble of the new millennium took place at the most famous arena for the first time – Madison Square Garden in New York held the 2000 event, whose fans watched The Rock eliminated The Big Show last in controversial circumstances to take his spot in the main event of Wrestlemania 2000. The victory was tainted, however, as The Rock appeared to be eliminated first. This lead to a short feud at No Way Out where The Big Show beat The Rock to become #1 contender at Wrestlemania.

As well as The Rock, the only other star performance was Rikishi, who dominated the early part of the Royal Rumble, only to be eliminated half way through the match. This match also saw a first “surprise” entrant in Bob Backlund, making his first Royal Rumble appearance since 1996.

Promotional poster for Royal Rumble 2000

23rd January, 2000

New York, New York

Madison Square Garden


  • The Road to WrestleMania Begins


Notable Records

Record Individual
Winner The Rock
Iron Men Test (26:48)
Least time in Match Faarooq (00:17)
Most Eliminations Rikishi (7)
Potential Winners (wrestlers in the ring after last entrant) 9 (The Rock, Big Show, X-Pac, Kane, Billy Gunn, "Road Dogg" Jesse James, Al Snow, The Godfather, Hardcore Holly)
Number of debutants 9 (Grandmaster Sexay, Christian, Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty, Viscera, Chris Jericho, Crash Holly, Albert, Big Show)
Last Rumble Appearances 7 (D'Lo Brown, Mosh, British Bulldog, Gangrel, Bob Backlund, Chyna, X-Pac)
Average Time in match09:26
Number of individuals with at least one elimination56.67%

Did You Know?

  • This is the first time The Royal Rumble has come from Madison Square Garden.
  • Kaientai & Mean Street Posse were said to also be included, and would enter the match at random times. However it wasn’t stated who was included instead of them.
  • Although attacked last year, this is the second year in a row that Mosh of the Headbangers was either in or due to be in the Royal Rumble Match, and Thrasher wasn’t.
  • This is the first year where both the winner and the runner up would be in the same match at Wrestlemania. It would next happen in 2006.
  • This year’s design and logo is only used for one year.

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Number of Entrant Wrestler Name Time in Match Finishing Position Eliminations Eliminated By Other Facts
1 D'Lo Brown 06:09 28 0 Rikishi
2 Grandmaster Sexay 07:43 27 0 Rikishi
3 Mosh 03:38 30 0 Rikishi
4 Christian 02:09 29 0 Rikishi
5 Rikishi 16:24 23 7 Big Boss Man, Bob Backlund, British Bulldog, Edge, Gangrel, Test
6 Scotty 2 Hotty 01:02 26 0 Rikishi
7 Steve Blackman 00:45 25 0 Rikishi
8 Viscera 01:25 24 0 Rikishi
9 Big Boss Man 23:14 16 3 The Rock

Big Boss Man stayed outside the ring for 90 before being attacked by Test. Time is taken from when two legal entrants attack each other (not when they entered the ring).

10 Test 26:48 14 1 Big Show

Test attacked the Big Boss Man outside the ring. Time is taken from when two legal entrants attack each other (not when they entered the ring).

11 British Bulldog 15:22 18 1 "Road Dogg" Jesse James
12 Gangrel 23:21 13 1 Big Show
13 Edge 14:48 17 1 Al Snow, Val Venis
14 Bob Backlund 02:00 22 1 Chris Jericho
15 Chris Jericho 03:47 21 1 Chyna
16 Crash Holly 14:56 15 0 The Rock
17 Chyna 00:37 20 1 Big Boss Man
18 Faarooq 00:17 19 0 Big Boss Man
19 "Road Dogg" Jesse James 19:03 6 2 Billy Gunn
20 Al Snow 17:18 7 2 The Rock
21 Val Venis 11:48 11 1 Kane
22 Prince Albert 11:24 10 0 Kane
23 Hardcore Holly 11:48 9 0 Al Snow
24 The Rock 14:45 1 4 Winner

There was a storyline coming from The Rock’s victory, as both his feet inadvertently touched the floor. They incorporated into a storyline for the next Pay Per View – No Way Out. Nevertheless, since then it’s stated that The Rock won the 2000 Royal Rumble.

25 Billy Gunn 09:38 5 2 Kane
26 Big Show 11:07 2 4 The Rock
27 Bradshaw 00:25 12 0 Billy Gunn, "Road Dogg" Jesse James
28 Kane 06:12 4 3 X-Pac
29 The Godfather 01:32 8 0 Big Show
30 X-Pac 03:32 3 1 Big Show

X-Pac was thrown out by The Rock but re-entered as the referees didn’t see it.


Entrant Waterfall
Elimination Pie Chart
Time by Number
Eliminations by Number

Entrant Waterfall

Elimination Pie Chart

Time by Number

Eliminations by Number

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