The 2007 Royal Rumble returned to San Antonio, Texas. In the match, The Undertaker, who drew number 30, would survive to the end to win the Royal Rumble Match and go on to challenge Batista at Wrestlemania, a match he won to retain a 15-0 streak at Wrestlemania.

This match was notable as it contained individuals from the revived ECW brand, with upstart debutant CM Punk performing the best. It also featured a classic ending with home town hero Shawn Michaels just coming up a bit short against The Undertaker. However their closing stretch of 7 and a half minutes of them trying to eliminate each other is well worth watching, and a record that stands to this very day.

Promotional poster for Royal Rumble 2007

28th January, 2007

San Antonio, Texas

AT&T Center



Notable Records

Record Individual
Winner The Undertaker
Iron Men Edge (44:05)
Least time in Match The Miz (00:07)
Most Eliminations The Great Khali (7)
Potential Winners (wrestlers in the ring after last entrant) 6 (The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Randy Orton, MVP, The Great Khali)
Number of debutants 10 (Finlay, Kenny Dykstra, Sabu, Gregory Helms, CM Punk, The Sandman, Kevin Thorn, MVP, The Great Khali, The Miz)
Last Rumble Appearances 10 (Ric Flair, Kenny Dykstra, Sabu, Gregory Helms, Super Crazy, The Sandman, Chris Benoit, Viscera, Johnny Nitro, Kevin Thorn)
Average Time in match11:57
Number of individuals with at least one elimination46.67%

Did You Know?

  • This was the first year that the winner drew Number 30. Number 30 would win the 2008 Royal Rumble as well.
  • At 7 minutes and 35 seconds, this is the longest time with two competitors at the end.
  • A record was set with 9 individuals needing to throw Viscera over the top rope.
  • This was the first Royal Rumble to take place in San Antonio since 1997 Royal Rumble. Oddly, the 2017 Royal Rumble would take place in San Antonio as well.
  • Ric Flair became the second person (along with Shawn Michaels) to be a former winner to have been eliminated first.


Number of Entrant Wrestler Name Brand Time in Match Finishing Position Eliminations Eliminated By Other Facts
1 Ric Flair Raw 05:41 30 0 Edge
2 Finlay Smackdown! 32:34 19 0 Shawn Michaels
3 Kenny Dykstra Raw 04:06 29 0 Edge
4 Matt Hardy Smackdown! 18:56 22 0 Randy Orton
5 Edge Raw 44:05 3 5 Shawn Michaels
6 Tommy Dreamer ECW 06:42 28 0 Kane
7 Sabu ECW 05:28 27 0 Kane
8 Gregory Helms Smackdown! 06:51 26 0 King Booker
9 Shelton Benjamin Raw 22:23 17 1 Shawn Michaels
10 Kane Smackdown! 13:22 20 3 King Booker

After King Booker was eliminated, he returned to the match to eliminate Kane.

11 CM Punk ECW 27:17 9 1 The Great Khali
12 King Booker Smackdown! 09:23 21 3 Kane
13 Super Crazy Raw 04:34 24 0 Edge, Randy Orton
14 Jeff Hardy Raw 03:39 23 0 Edge
15 The Sandman ECW 00:13 25 0 King Booker
16 Randy Orton Raw 27:16 4 2 Shawn Michaels
17 Chris Benoit Smackdown! 17:54 12 3 The Great Khali

Benoit’s elimination occurred off camera.

18 Rob Van Dam ECW 16:28 10 2 The Great Khali
19 Viscera Raw 06:35 18 0 Hardcore Holly, Chris Benoit, CM Punk, Edge, Johnny Nitro, Kevin Thorn, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels, Shelton Benjamin

Viscera’s entrance occurred off camera, so time is taken from when his music went off.

20 Johnny Nitro Raw 06:18 16 1 Chris Benoit
21 Kevin Thorn ECW 06:15 15 1 Chris Benoit
22 Hardcore Holly ECW 10:21 13 1 The Great Khali
23 Shawn Michaels Raw 24:11 2 5 The Undertaker
24 Chris Masters Raw 03:33 14 0 Rob Van Dam
25 Chavo Guerrero Smackdown! 06:24 7 0 The Great Khali
26 MVP Smackdown! 07:32 5 0 The Undertaker
27 Carlito Raw 03:19 8 0 The Great Khali
28 The Great Khali Raw 03:50 6 7 The Undertaker
29 The Miz Smackdown! 00:07 11 0 The Great Khali
30 The Undertaker Smackdown! 13:16 1 3 Winner


Entrant Waterfall
Elimination Pie Chart
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Eliminations by Number

Entrant Waterfall

Elimination Pie Chart

Time by Number

Eliminations by Number

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