The largest Royal Rumble at the time took place in Boston in 2011. In the match, Alberto Del Rio outlasted all other competitors to win the match.

A strong showing was had by CM Punk in the match – in a star making performance, Punk (albeit with the help of The Nexus) lasted over half an hour and was the longest competitor in the match. Punk also had the most eliminations, and eventually he became World Champion later in the year. Both him and John Cena had spells of dominance in the match.

In the end Del Rio – despite nearly being surprised by Santino Marella – won the match, although he wasn’t to be successful against Edge at Wrestlemania. Their match at Mania was notable however for the wrong reasons: Edge was told to immediately retire after the match, which he did until his return in 2020.

Although a well received Royal Rumble, from next year the match returned to 30 competitors.

Promotional poster for Royal Rumble 2011

30th January, 2011

Boston, Massachusetts

TD Garden


  • The Biggest Royal Rumble in History


Notable Records

Record Individual
Winner Alberto Del Rio
Iron Men CM Punk (35:22)
Least time in Match Tyler Reks (00:34)
Most Eliminations CM Punk (7)John Cena (7)
Potential Winners (wrestlers in the ring after last entrant) 8 (Alberto Del Rio, Santino Marella, Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Ezekiel Jackson)
Number of debutants 14 (Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty, David Otunga, Tyler Reks, Mason Ryan, Tyson Kidd, Heath Slater, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Alex Riley, Ezekiel Jackson, Alberto Del Rio)
Last Rumble Appearances 12 (William Regal, Ted DiBiase Jr., Yoshi Tatsu, Husky Harris, Chavo Guerrero, JTG, Michael McGillicutty, Chris Masters, Tyler Reks, Vladimir Kozlov, Mason Ryan, Diesel)
Average Time in match08:43
Number of individuals with at least one elimination47.5%

Did You Know?

  • There was a botch in this match: Alex Riley was supposed to be still in the ring before The Miz eliminated John Cena. However he was accidentally eliminated quite early on. He returned to the ringside area to distract Cena leading to his elimination.
  • This match began the “both feet must hit the floor” stipulation with John Morrison escaping by jumping onto the barricade to avoid elimination. Morrsion and later Kofi Kingston do stunts to prevent themselves from being eliminated.


Number of Entrant Wrestler Name Brand Time in Match Finishing Position Eliminations Eliminated By Other Facts
1 CM Punk Raw 35:22 20 7 John Cena
2 Daniel Bryan Raw 20:56 33 2 CM Punk
3 Justin Gabriel Smackdown! 00:58 40 0 Daniel Bryan
4 Zack Ryder Raw 00:42 39 0 Daniel Bryan
5 William Regal Raw 04:10 38 0 Ted DiBiase Jr.
6 Ted DiBiase Jr. Raw 12:16 34 1 Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty
7 John Morrison Raw 13:22 31 0 CM Punk, David Otunga, Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty
8 Yoshi Tatsu Raw 05:34 36 0 Mark Henry
9 Husky Harris Raw 15:47 26 3 The Great Khali
10 Chavo Guerrero Smackdown! 02:00 37 0 Mark Henry
11 Mark Henry Raw 07:04 30 2 CM Punk, David Otunga, Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty
12 JTG Smackdown! 01:48 35 0 Michael McGillicutty
13 Michael McGillicutty Raw 15:07 21 4 John Cena
14 Chris Masters Smackdown! 01:57 32 0 CM Punk
15 David Otunga Raw 11:57 22 2 John Cena
16 Tyler Reks Smackdown! 00:34 29 0 CM Punk
17 Vladimir Kozlov Raw 00:40 28 0 CM Punk
18 R-Truth Raw 01:01 27 0 CM Punk
19 The Great Khali Raw 01:20 25 1 Mason Ryan
20 Mason Ryan Raw 04:31 23 2 John Cena
21 Booker T Unaffiliated 01:08 24 0 Mason Ryan
22 John Cena Raw 34:17 5 7 The Miz

The Miz, who wasn’t in the match, eliminated John Cena.

23 Hornswoggle Smackdown! 09:40 17 0 King Sheamus
24 Tyson Kidd Raw 00:54 19 0 John Cena
25 Heath Slater Smackdown! 00:57 18 0 John Cena
26 Kofi Kingston Smackdown! 21:04 10 1 Randy Orton
27 Jack Swagger Smackdown! 04:41 16 0 Rey Mysterio
28 King Sheamus Raw 18:17 9 1 Randy Orton
29 Rey Mysterio Smackdown! 19:07 6 2 Wade Barrett
30 Wade Barrett Smackdown! 22:23 4 2 Randy Orton
31 Dolph Ziggler Smackdown! 07:12 14 0 Big Show
32 Diesel Unaffiliated 02:45 15 0 Wade Barrett
33 Drew McIntyre Smackdown! 04:46 12 0 Big Show
34 Alex Riley Raw 02:50 13 0 John Cena, Kofi Kingston
35 Big Show Smackdown! 01:30 11 2 Ezekiel Jackson
36 Ezekiel Jackson Smackdown! 07:14 8 1 Kane
37 Santino Marella Raw 12:55 2 0 Alberto Del Rio

After Del Rio eliminated Randy Orton, the bell rang and his music started playing. Marella – who hid under the ring since his entrance – emerged. Alas, he didn’t eliminate Del Rio

38 Alberto Del Rio Smackdown! 09:50 1 2 Winner

Time from Alberto’s entry is taken from when Randy Orton – the next entrance, attacked him.

39 Randy Orton Raw 08:37 3 3 Alberto Del Rio

Randy Orton’s start time is from when he attacked Alberto Del Rio on the entrance way.

40 Kane Smackdown! 01:36 7 1 Rey Mysterio


Entrant Waterfall
Elimination Pie Chart
Time by Number
Eliminations by Number

Entrant Waterfall

Elimination Pie Chart

Time by Number

Eliminations by Number

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