Iron men of the Royal Rumble

The “iron men” of the Royal Rumble are those men who have been in the match the longest. An important fixture of the Royal Rumble, they are occasionally winners but more often than not make an impression. From Bob Backlund’s return to be the Iron Man in 1993, to the ultra dominating performance of Kane’s performance in 2001, these performances are all recognised as important. Many Iron Men have gone on to win (such as Ric Flair in 1992, Shawn Michaels in 1995 and Edge in 2021). There are also individuals who have been Iron Men multiple times (Chris Jericho in 2003 & 2017, for example).

In the men’s Royal Rumble, there have been 6 iron men who have lasted over an hour in the Royal Rumble (Bob Backlund, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan & Gunther), also there have been 6 Iron Men who have lasted less than 30 minutes (Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect, Test, Steve Austin, John Cena & AJ Styles). Triple H has the unfortunate honour of going over 1 hour at a Royal Rumble but not being the Iron Man in 2006.

All Iron Men

EventDateLocationIron MenNumber Drawn
Royal Rumble 2024 - Men27th January, 2024St. Petersburg, FloridaJey Uso (50:56)1
Royal Rumble 2023 - Men28th January, 2023San Antonio, TexasGunther (1:11:40)1
Royal Rumble 2022 - Men29th January, 2022St. Louis, MissouriAJ Styles (29:17)1
Royal Rumble 2021 - Men31st January, 2021St. Petersburg, FloridaEdge (58:58)1
Royal Rumble 2020 - Men26th January, 2020Houston, TexasDrew McIntyre (34:11)16
Royal Rumble 2019 - Men27th January, 2019Phoenix, ArizonaSeth Rollins (43:00)10
Greatest Royal Rumble27th April, 2018Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaDaniel Bryan (1:16:07)1
Royal Rumble 2018 - Men28th January, 2018Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaFinn Balor (57:38)2
Royal Rumble 201729th January, 2017San Antonio, TexasChris Jericho (1:00:13)2
Royal Rumble 201624th January, 2016Orlando, FloridaRoman Reigns (59:48)1
Royal Rumble 201525th January, 2015Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaBray Wyatt (46:50)5
Royal Rumble 201426th January, 2014Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaCM Punk (49:13)1
Royal Rumble 201327th January, 2013Phoenix, ArizonaDolph Ziggler (49:47)1
Royal Rumble 201229th January, 2012St. Louis, MissouriThe Miz (45:39)1
Royal Rumble 201130th January, 2011Boston, MassachusettsCM Punk (35:22)1
Royal Rumble 201031st January, 2010Atlanta, GeorgiaJohn Cena (22:12)19
Royal Rumble 200925th January, 2009Detroit, MichiganTriple H (49:57)7
Royal Rumble 200827th January, 2008New York, New YorkShawn Michaels (32:42)2
Royal Rumble 200728th January, 2007San Antonio, TexasEdge (44:05)5
Royal Rumble 200629th January, 2006Miami, FloridaRey Mysterio (1:02:02)2
Royal Rumble 200530th January, 2005Fresno, CaliforniaChris Benoit (47:32)2
Royal Rumble 200425th January, 2004Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaChris Benoit (1:01:33)1
Royal Rumble 200319th January, 2003Boston, MassachusettsChris Jericho (38:59)2
Royal Rumble 200220th January, 2002Atlanta, GeorgiaSteve Austin (26:47)19
Royal Rumble 200121st January, 2001New Orleans, LouisianaKane (53:44)6
Royal Rumble 200023rd January, 2000New York, New YorkTest (26:48)10
Royal Rumble 199924th January, 1999Anaheim, CaliforniaMr. McMahon (56:39)2
Royal Rumble 199818th January, 1998San Jose, CaliforniaThe Rock (51:31)4
Royal Rumble 199719th January, 1997San Antonio, TexasSteve Austin (45:04)5
Royal Rumble 199621st January, 1996Fresno, CaliforniaHunter Hearst Helmsley (48:05)1
Royal Rumble 199522nd January, 1995Tampa, FloridaShawn Michaels (38:43)1
Royal Rumble 199422nd January, 1994Providence, Rhode IslandBam Bam Bigelow (30:14)15
Royal Rumble 199324th January, 1993Sacremento, CaliforniaBob Backlund (1:01:15)2
Royal Rumble 199219th January, 1992Troy, New YorkRic Flair (59:32)3
Royal Rumble 199119th January, 1991Miami, FloridaRick Martel (52:30)6
Royal Rumble 199021st January, 1990Orlando, FloridaTed DiBiase (44:53)1
Royal Rumble 198915th January, 1989Houston, TexasMr. Perfect (27:56)4
Royal Rumble 198824th January, 1988Hamilton, CanadaBret Hart (25:45)1

Iron Men – Cumulative Time in the Royal Rumble

Here is how each Iron Man have performed across all the Royal Rumbles.