The 2024 Royal Rumble will take place this Saturday 27th January from Tropicana Field in Florida (the home of the Tampa Bay Rays). This is the second Royal Rumble to take place from the venue, with the 2021 Royal Rumble taking place from the event, albeit it was known as the “Thunderdome” with no paid attendance at the event. On the card there will be two Royal Rumble matches, a men’s and a women’s Royal Rumble. This guide will preview the men’s match.

There are over 35 matches for the men to draw on, so there’s less manoeuvrability in the upper echelons, certainly amongst the announced names. I don’t think anybody is going to overtake Kane‘s most eliminations and Chris Jericho’s most time: the latter especially as the only person realistically able to do so – Randy Orton – is in the WWE Title match on the card. However further down the table and looking at announced names will begin to make an impact.

CM Punk could push himself into the top 10 of total cumulative time in the Royal Rumble – being in the match for 20 minutes could see him overtake Dolph Ziggler for time in the match, in less than half the number of matches. Cody Rhodes, currently sat in 10th place also could overtake Ziggler into 9th place, with a performance of around a quarter of an hour in the match.

Punk also can solidify themselves as a top 10 threat in the match, with an average of 3 eliminations per match – with 6 or more eliminations in this Royal Rumble, he would overtake the great Shawn Michaels who has 3.5 eliminations per Royal Rumble. That is providing Gunther, who is currently on a 5 eliminations in his one Royal Rumble, doesn’t take out more than 2 people. If Gunther takes out 9 or more people, then he would overtake Hulk Hogan as the biggest threat in Royal Rumbles of all time. Der Ring General, after one match, currently ranks at 57th in the longest time in the Royal Rumble match, but a strong performance could see him easily go up the table.

There’s less excitement in the upper echelons of participants for the men’s table like the women’s match, but notable records that could break – Drew McIntyre, if he is in the match for 7 or more minutes – could break into the top 20 longest entrants of all time. Shinsuke Nakamura, providing he lasts more than 10 minutes, could become one of the top 35 participants in terms of time, overtaking the great Bret Hart.

Kofi Kingston has been announced and will take second space in the most Royal Rumbles participated in. Kingston’s record in the match isn’t that great. With an average time of just under 11 minutes in the match. However, if he gets anywhere close he will overtake former winners John Cena, Roman Reigns & Steve Austin. Damien Priest enters his fourth straight Royal Rumble match as well, but he needs to do a lot to improve on his disappointing figures.

Of potential unannounced names that can show up, Brock Lesnar could push himself into the top 5 most eliminations if he enters and eliminates 2 people. That is dependant on Braun Strowman not eliminating anybody, if he recovers from neck surgery. Strowman can overtake “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s number of eliminations by eliminating two people in the match.

So who’s going to win. I feel it’s between two announced names. CM Punk or Cody Rhodes are likely to be the favourites, and I am tending towards Cody because of the road to Wrestlemania and finishing the story. Punk has been advertised for the Elimination Chamber in Perth and I can see him winning that. However if the rumoured The Rock return is true I could see him becoming a 2 time champion to set up a match with Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 40. But I’m going to go Cody Rhodes for the win.

Stats of Announced Names

Names in order of the number of entries they’ve had.

PositionWrestlerEntriesNumber Of WinsNumber of Top 4 FinishesAverage FinishTotal Time In MatchNumber of EliminationsEliminations/RumbleTime/Elimination
1.Kofi Kingston150019.82:41:0990.60017:54
2.Cody Rhodes71211.432:53:37182.57109:39
3.Drew McIntyre712112:14:41162.28608:25
4.CM Punk60113.832:48:17183.00009:21
5.Bobby Lashley50015.430:2571.40004:21
6.Shinsuke Nakamura51118.61:30:2640.80022:37
7.Damian Priest30017.6730:4151.66706:08
9.Chad Gable3002325:1710.33325:17

Confirmed Royal Rumble Debutants: Akira Tozawa.

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