So we’re a week removed from the Royal Rumble and overall it was a good show! The Women’s Royal Rumble was arguably best women’s match they’ve ever done. Just ticked along nicely, with some standout performances from Bayley & Naomi, great comedy from Chelsea Green & Piper Niven, and some nice surprises with Jordynne Grace and Jade Cargill making an appearance. Just really good. The men’s match was okay. Fair to middling, but well worth a watch.

Earlier this week I added a bunch of statistics to the site, and spent my downtime pouring over the figures. I thought I’d highlight some of the cooler ones below, as well as a side by side comparison of the performers before and after the Royal Rumble matches.

Women’s Royal Rumble Match 2024 – Highlighted Stats

Bianca Belair became the first woman to last over 3 hours in total in the Royal Rumble.

Naomi broke Bob Backlund’s record that has stood since 1993 of being the longest participant in the match who didn’t finish in the final 2.

Nia Jax joined Shayna Baszler & Bianca Belair in having 8 eliminations in one match. She also became second in all time elimination list for the women, and became the second woman to enter the top 20 in all time eliminations across both genders.

Every woman improved their position on the “All Time Royal Rumble Participants League Table” in terms of time, with the exception of Liv Morgan (who remained at 30th) and Valhalla/Sarah Logan (who dropped 3 places to 186th).

All Women Participants

Entrant NumberNameNumber Of Eliminations BeforeNumber Of Eliminations AfterTotal Time BeforeTotal Time After
1.Natalya9 (=41st)9 (=42nd)2:17:07 (23rd)2:38:04 (18th)
2.Naomi2 (=129th)4 (=94th)1:25:00 (42nd)2:27:18 (21st)
3.Bayley10 (=35th)17 (=23rd)1:14:24 (54th)2:17:27 (26th)
4.Candice LeRae0 (=271st)0 (=284th)23:43 (177th)39:07 (116th)
5.Jordynne GraceDebut0 (=284th)Debut19:10 (204th)
6.Indi Hartwell0 (=271st)0 (=284th)04:51 (357th)08:14 (=315th)
7.Asuka6 (=65th)7 (=57th)52:39 (81st)1:05:41 (66th)
8.Ivy NileDebut0 (=284th)Debut23:28 (183rd)
9.Katana Chance0 (=271st)1 (=192nd)10:44 (271st)36:22 (127th)
10.Bianca Belair14 (25th)15 (=26th)2:17:46 (22nd)3:05:32 (12th)
11.Kairi Sane1 (=185th)2 (=136th)27:05 (159th)32:07 (142nd)
12.Tegan Nox0 (=271st)1 (=192nd)07:33 (314th)08:55 (308th)
13.Kayden CarterDebut2 (=136th)Debut11:53 (267th)
14.Chelsea Green1 (=185th)1 (=192nd)00:17 (455th)17:48 (211th)
15.Piper Niven2 (=129th)3 (=107th)28:05 (156th)41:03 (=110th)
16.Xia Li0 (=271st)0 (=284th)31:10 (134th)37:56 (123rd)
17.Zelina Vega2 (=129th)2 (=136th)49:50 (86th)1:10:06 (62nd)
18.Maxxine DupriDebut0 (=284th)Debut06:38 (344th)
19.Nia Jax11 (=30th)19 (=18th)38:05 (144th)58:19 (78th)
20.Shotzi1 (=185th)1 (=192nd)23:39 (178th)38:56 (118th)
21.Becky Lynch6 (=65th)7 (=57th)55:03 (77th)1:17:32 (54th)
22.Alba FyreDebut0 (=284th)Debut06:21 (348th)
23.Shayna Baszler15 (=23rd)16 (=24th)1:05:28 (61st)1:13:55 (60th)
24.Valhalla0 (=271st)0 (=284th)23:01 (183rd)23:06 (186th)
25.Michin2 (=129th)2 (=136th)24:14 (=172nd)29:17 (159th)
26.Zoey Stark0 (=271st)1 (=192nd)26:35 (=162nd)36:34 (126th)
27.Roxanne Perez0 (=271st)0 (=284th)04:36 (=362nd)13:04 (=253rd)
28.Jade CargillDebut3 (=107th)Debut11:03 (276th)
29.Tiffany StrattonDebut1 (=192nd)Debut06:55 (339th)
30.Liv Morgan5 (=76th)7 (=57th)1:50:53 (30th)1:57:19 (30th)

Men’s Royal Rumble Match 2024 – Highlighted Stats

A number of performers had some big jumps in their rankings. The biggest was Jey Uso who went from an average of 5 minutes in the match to over 20 with his Iron Man performance in the match of over 50 minutes.

It’s been the second time in as many years that a married couple (Jimmy Uso and Naomi) drew the same number in their corresponding Royal Rumbles. They both drew the number 2. Last year Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins both entered at number 15.

The build up for the world title match featured Randy Orton talking about the number 15 as it would be his 15th world title. Cody Rhodes – the eventual winner – did enter in 15.

R-Truth: in a nice bit of continuity, did enter at Valhalla’s number of 24. He was 24th in the Men’s Royal Rumble.

Although all the talk of CM Punk wrestling his first televised match in 10 years, he isn’t the only competitor to go 10 years between consecutive Royal Rumble entries: Jimmy Uso last Royal Rumble before 2024 was the 2014 match as well.

Bron Breakker – at an elimination every minute and 20 seconds, is the 6th most efficient competitor of all time in mens matches.

Bron Breakker also joins The Godfather, Trish Stratus and Skinner for being in a Royal Rumble for a cumulative time of 5 minutes and 19 seconds.

Gunther has solidified himself as one of the top 10 threats in the Royal Rumble, with an average of 4 eliminations per match.

Although reported that JD McDonagh was in the match for 3 seconds, he was in the match (from first attack to elimination) for 5 seconds, meaning he doesn’t join Mike Kanellis & No Way Jose as the worst Royal Rumble participant of all time.

Every man improved their position on the “All Time Royal Rumble Participants League Table” in terms of time, with the exception of Sami Zayn (who remained at 53rd), The Miz (who dropped 2 places to 27th), Carlito (who dropped 2 places to 52nd) and Bobby Lashley (who dropped 2 places to 144th).

All Male Participants

Entrant NumberNameNumber Of Eliminations BeforeNumber Of Eliminations AfterTotal Time BeforeTotal Time After
1.Jey Uso0 (=271st)1 (=192nd)11:25 (261st)1:02:21 (71st)
2.Jimmy Uso0 (=271st)0 (=284th)07:46 (313th)41:55 (106th)
3.Grayson WallerDebut0 (=284th)Debut04:17 (385th)
4.Andrade2 (=129th)2 (=136th)55:36 (76th)1:18:36 (51st)
5.Carmello HayesDebut1 (=192nd)Debut17:06 (217th)
6.Shinsuke Nakamura4 (=94th)4 (=94th)1:30:26 (38th)1:51:16 (33rd)
7.Santos Escobar0 (=271st)0 (=284th)04:56 (=356th)11:35 (270th)
8.Karrion Kross0 (=271st)1 (=192nd)04:12 (373rd)10:33 (282nd)
9.Dominik Mysterio3 (=103rd)4 (=94th)31:30 (133rd)1:04:51 (67th)
10.Carlito2 (=129th)3 (=107th)1:16:09 (50th)1:18:32 (52nd)
11.Bobby Lashley7 (=55th)9 (=42nd)30:25 (142nd)31:59 (144th)
12.Ludwig KaiserDebut0 (=284th)Debut09:29 (301st)
13.Austin Theory2 (=129th)2 (=136th)37:46 (116th)41:44 (107th)
14.Finn Bálor6 (=65th)7 (=66th)1:05:24 (62nd)1:16:44 (55th)
15.Cody Rhodes18 (=16th)22 (14th)2:53:37 (10th)3:36:57 (6th)
16.Bronson ReedDebut1 (=192nd)Debut10:39 (281st)
17.Kofi Kingston9 (=41st)10 (=36th)2:41:09 (15th)2:44:44 (14th)
18.Gunther5 (=76th)8 (=47th)1:11:40 (57th)1:41:51 (35th)
19.IvarDebut0 (=284th)Debut04:58 (371st)
20.Bron BreakkerDebut4 (=94th)Debut05:19 (365th)
21.Omos3 (=103rd)4 (=94th)06:53 (326th)09:55 (297th)
22.Pat McAffeeDebut0 (=284th)Debut00:39 (456th)
23.JD McDonaghDebut0 (=284th)Debut00:05 (479th)
24.R-Truth2 (=129th)2 (=136th)27:33 (157th)31:17 (146th)
25.The Miz2 (=129th)2 (=136th)2:06:52 (25th)2:12:58 (27th)
26.Damien Priest5 (=76th)6 (=70th)30:41 (138th)41:05 (109th)
27.CM Punk18 (=16th)20 (=15th)2:48:17 (11th)3:10:02 (10th)
28.Ricochet1 (=185th)2 (=136th)28:43 (150th)33:54 (134th)
29.Drew McIntyre16 (=22nd)17 (=21st)2:14:41 (24th)2:24:33 (22nd)
30.Sami Zayn2 (=129th)3 (=107th)1:14:38 (53rd)1:17:57 (53rd)

In Conclusion

So with this, this wraps up the first year of All Rumble Stats, and the coverage of the 2024 Royal Rumble. I wrote this before all the hoo haa began on Friday night, so it’s now unsure whether Cody finishes his story. For the avoidance of doubt: we’re Team Cody. So this blog feels a bit redundant now. But you have some fun facts!

Have you any fun facts that we may have missed? Leave them in the comments!

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