What’s in a name? Well, quite a lot. Even with the often alliterative names of Royal Rumble entrants there can share forenames. Quite a few in fact. From research I’ve discovered that there are 40 shared forenames in the Royal Rumble, which are the first or given name.

Like life, the same names crop up over and over again across years – some may even share them in the same match! Can you name them?

A few ground rules before letting you loose on this quiz:-

  1. It must be the name of the Royal Rumble entrant. This means that Dwayne will not count as Duane Gill entered as Gillberg and Dwayne Johnson entered at The Rock.
  2. It must be a recognised first name, in so much that 3 babies in the last year were born with said name. So no “Big” (sorry Big E or Big Show!) and “Squat” for “Squat Team Member #1” and “Squat Team Member #2” in the 1996 Royal Rumble. Obviously – “The” doesn’t count either.
  3. I’ve tried to catch all common spellings and variants. So for example, if Sid was a correct answer, then Sid/Sidney/Syd/Sydney would be valid answers. But I may not be perfect!
  4. This covers all Royal Rumbles in canon – Men, Women & The Greatest Royal Rumble.

As of 2023, there are 40 shared forenames in the Royal Rumble in total. I also share how many of wrestlers share said forename.

You have exactly 10 minutes…go!

How did you do? Leave your results in the comments!

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