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Big Show has appeared in 12 Royal Rumbles . In total, they have been in the match for 1 hour, 18 minutes and 41 seconds , and in that time, they have had 32 eliminations.
Big Show

8th February, 1972

Aiken, South Carolina

Tampa, Florida

213cm (6 ft 11 ins)

500lbs (227kg)

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Notable Records

Overall Performance
Number of Entries12
Number of Wins0 (0%)
Number of Runners Up2 (16.67%)
Number of Top Four4 (33.33%)
Average finish10.75
Best Finish2 (Royal Rumble 2000, Royal Rumble 2004)
Worst Finish25 (Royal Rumble 2017)
Time Records
Total Time in Match1:18:41
Average Time in Match06:33
Longest Time in Match22:38 (Royal Rumble 2004)
Shortest Time in Match01:23 (Royal Rumble 2001)
Elimination Records
Number of Eliminations32
Average time between eliminations02:28
Number of Eliminations per Royal Rumble2.667

Eliminations by numbers

WrestlerTimes Elminated
Dolph Ziggler 3
Jack Swagger 2
Test 2
Ryback 2
Gangrel 1
Jonathan Coachman 1
The Godfather 1
K-Kwik 1
Rob Van Dam 1
John Cena 1
Chris Jericho 1
Kurt Angle 1
Bobby Lashley 1
The Undertaker 1
Jim Duggan 1
R-Truth 1
CM Punk 1
Titus O'Neil 1
Mike Knox 1
Rey Mysterio 1
Chris Masters 1
Drew McIntyre 1
Cody Rhodes 1
The Miz 1
Dean Ambrose 1
Bray Wyatt 1
X-Pac 1


Event Entrant Number Time in Match Finishing Position Eliminations Eliminated By Other Facts
Royal Rumble 1988Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1989Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1990Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1991Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1992Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1993Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1994Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1995Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1996Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1997Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1998Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1999Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 20002611:0724The Rock
Royal Rumble 20012301:23142The Rock
Royal Rumble 20022702:4680Kane
Royal Rumble 2003Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 20042422:3824Chris BenoitBig Show attacked Kurt Angle before joining the match, so time is taken from then.
Royal Rumble 2005Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2006609:04232Triple H
Royal Rumble 2007Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2008Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 20093009:3366Randy Orton
Royal Rumble 20102204:0591R-Truth
Royal Rumble 20113501:30112Ezekiel Jackson
Royal Rumble 20123002:0744Randy OrtonBig Show's time is taken from when he first laid hands on Jack Swagger outside the ring.
Royal Rumble 2013Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2014Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 20152908:2145Roman Reigns
Royal Rumble 20161504:24212Braun StrowmanStardust attacked The Big Show before he entered the ring, so the time is taken from then.
Royal Rumble 2017901:43250Braun Strowman
Royal Rumble 2018 - MenDid Not Enter
Greatest Royal RumbleDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2019 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2020 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2021 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2022 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2023 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2024 - MenDid Not Enter


Time in Match Timeline
Eliminations by Number Timeline

Time in Match Timeline

Eliminations by Number Timeline

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