About Kane

Kane has appeared in 18 Royal Rumbles . In total, they have been in the match for 3 hours , 10 minutes and 29 seconds , and in that time, they have had 45 eliminations.

Notable Records

Overall Performance
Number of Entries18
Number of Wins0 (0%)
Number of Runners Up1 (5.56%)
Number of Top Four5 (27.78%)
Average finish13.06
Best Finish2 (Royal Rumble 2001)
Worst Finish29 (Royal Rumble 2014)
Time Records
Total Time in Match3:10:29
Average Time in Match10:35
Longest Time in Match53:44 (Royal Rumble 2001)
Shortest Time in Match00:53 (Royal Rumble 1999)
Elimination Records
Number of Eliminations45
Average time between eliminations04:14
Number of Eliminations per Royal Rumble2.500

Eliminations by numbers

WrestlerTimes Elminated
Dolph Ziggler 3
Albert 2
Billy Gunn 1
Honky Tonk Man 1
Big Show 1
Raven 1
Al Snow 1
Perry Saturn 1
Steve Blackman 1
Grandmaster Sexay 1
The Rock 1
Jesse James 1
Goldust 1
Tazz 1
Rosey 1
Crash Holly 1
Scotty 2 Hotty 1
Val Venis 1
Kurrgan 1
A-Train 1
Mark Jindrak 1
Rob Van Dam 1
Matt Hardy 1
R-Truth 1
Bray Wyatt 1
Ryback 1
Dean Ambrose 1
CM Punk 1
Daniel Bryan 1
The Great Khali 1
Ezekiel Jackson 1
Finlay 1
Ricochet 1
Santino Marella 1
John Morrison 1
Jimmy Snuka 1
Roddy Piper 1
Tommy Dreamer 1
Sabu 1
Booker T 1
Bobby Lashley 1
The Godfather 1


Event Entrant Number Time in Match Finishing Position Eliminations Eliminated By Other Facts
Royal Rumble 1988Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1989Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1990Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1991Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1992Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1993Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1994Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1995Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1996Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1997Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1998Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 19991800:53154Self
Royal Rumble 20002806:1243X-Pac
Royal Rumble 2001653:44211Steve Austin
Royal Rumble 20022801:0271Kurt Angle
Royal Rumble 20032220:2633The Undertaker
Royal Rumble 20041101:30240Booker T
Royal Rumble 20052703:5491John Cena
Royal Rumble 2006903:33241Triple H
Royal Rumble 20071013:22203Booker TAfter King Booker was eliminated, he returned to the match to eliminate Kane.
Royal Rumble 20082017:5833Batista, Triple H
Royal Rumble 20092318:2173Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase Jr.
Royal Rumble 20101208:02201Triple H
Royal Rumble 20114001:3671Rey Mysterio
Royal Rumble 2012Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 20132401:30162Daniel Bryan
Royal Rumble 2014500:56291CM Punk
Royal Rumble 20152416:5634Roman Reigns
Royal Rumble 2016718:43221Braun Strowman
Royal Rumble 2017Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2018 - MenDid Not Enter
Greatest Royal RumbleDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2019 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2020 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2021 - Men1801:51202Damian Priest
Royal Rumble 2022 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2023 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2024 - MenDid Not Enter


Time in Match Timeline
Eliminations by Number Timeline

Time in Match Timeline

Eliminations by Number Timeline

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