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Shawn Michaels has appeared in 12 Royal Rumbles and won 2 times. In total, they have been in the match for 3 hours , 42 minutes and 42 seconds , and in that time, they have had 42 eliminations.
Shawn Michaels

Notable Records

Overall Performance
Number of Entries12
Number of Wins2 (16.67%)
Number of Runners Up1 (8.33%)
Number of Top Four5 (41.67%)
Average finish11.08
Best Finish1 (Royal Rumble 1995, Royal Rumble 1996)
Worst Finish30 (Royal Rumble 2003)
Time Records
Total Time in Match3:42:42
Average Time in Match18:34
Longest Time in Match38:43 (Royal Rumble 1995)
Shortest Time in Match00:12 (Royal Rumble 1990)
Elimination Records
Number of Eliminations42
Average time between eliminations05:18
Number of Eliminations per Royal Rumble3.500

Eliminations by numbers

WrestlerTimes Elminated
Shelton Benjamin 3
Diesel 2
British Bulldog 2
Triple H 1
Bushwhacker Luke 1
Issac Yankem D.D.S. 1
Duke Droese 1
Tom Prichard 1
Bushwhacker Butch 1
Jacob Blu 1
Vader 1
Lex Luger 1
Aldo Montoya 1
Mabel 1
Bob Holly 1
Marty Jannetty 1
Tito Santana 1
Owen Hart 1
Yokozuna 1
1-2-3 Kid 1
Randy Orton 1
Ted DiBiase Jr. 1
John Morrison 1
Cody Rhodes 1
Carlito 1
The Undertaker 1
Finlay 1
Edge 1
Viscera 1
Drew McIntyre 1
Joey Mercury 1
Johnny Nitro 1
Trevor Murdoch 1
Charlie Haas 1
Simon Dean 1
Kurt Angle 1
Jerry Lawler 1
Ron Bass 1


Event Entrant Number Time in Match Finishing Position Eliminations Eliminated By Other Facts
Royal Rumble 1988Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1989914:31221Arn Anderson, Randy Savage
Royal Rumble 19902600:1280The Ultimate Warrior
Royal Rumble 1991Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1992615:48211Tito SantanaBoth Tito Santana & Shawn Michaels eliminated each other at the same time.
Royal Rumble 1993Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 19941829:2034Lex Luger
Royal Rumble 1995138:4318Winner
  • Shawn Michaels was thrown over the top rope by The British Bulldog at the end of the match, however only one foot touched the floor. He re-entered and eliminated Bulldog.
  • First person to win the Royal Rumble from Number 1.
Royal Rumble 19961826:0818Winner
Royal Rumble 1997Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1998Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 1999Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2000Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2001Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2002Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2003102:30300Chris JerichoWeirdly, there were two bells, one occurred half way through Shawn Michaels' entrance. Time is taken from the second bell.
Royal Rumble 2004Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 20051904:56163Kurt AngleKurt Angle never left the ringside area after elimination and returned to the match to attack and eliminate Michaels.
Royal Rumble 20062512:5564Shane McMahonShane McMahon wasn't in the rumble, but eliminated Shawn when Mr. McMahon came to ringside and distracted him.
Royal Rumble 20072324:1125The Undertaker
Royal Rumble 2008232:42192Mr. Kennedy
Royal Rumble 2009Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 20101820:4646Batista
Royal Rumble 2011Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2012Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2013Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2014Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2015Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2016Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2017Did Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2018 - MenDid Not Enter
Greatest Royal RumbleDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2019 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2020 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2021 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2022 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2023 - MenDid Not Enter
Royal Rumble 2024 - MenDid Not Enter


Time in Match Timeline
Eliminations by Number Timeline

Time in Match Timeline

Eliminations by Number Timeline

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